WordPress CMS sites

If you need to be able to update your site you will need a CMS (Content Management System). One of the most widely used CMS site templates on the internet today is WordPress; it's cost effective and fairly simple to get going.

I can develop a WordPress website for you and either create the main template structure and show you the basics so you can add your own pages and content or develop the entire site for you and hand it over to you to manage yourself. WordPress has made it easy for users to manage their own content even if you don't have any previous web experience.

In a lot of cases a WordPress website will suit your needs and therefore that's what I'll develop.

For many of my clients I suggest a bespoke design & development and in cases where they need control of content I can also develop a bespoke CMS -

Let's have a chat - so you get the best of both worlds, and I'll make sure I give you the best advice for you to decide which option will best suit you.

WordPress development in Cambridge