SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This section talks specifically about SEO and will give you a better understanding of what I can offer you to help you to get your site found.

Over the many years I've been working with clients in Cambridge I've seen a vast change in how SEO has been prioritised, how it's been managed, and the different techniques that companies have used to get their clients to the top of Search Engine Rankings.

I'm proud to say that I haven't really changed my approach to SEO. OK I've changed some of the methods of analysing & collecting data because the range of data and its availability has improved vastly, but the main approach to SEO hasn't changed.

Google has gone from strength to strength (and doesn't seem like letting up anytime soon) so most SEO analysis and results are based on how Google ranks you. The easiest way to describe how Goole ranks your website is...

"Google judges your site on how closely your sites content relates to the search term entered
therefore providing its users with the best possible information"

Which basically means that if your content is well written and structured it will fare well in search results.

"Is that it?" - well that's not the entire answer to SEO however it is a major part of it.

I always tell my clients that SEO is 90% common sense and 10% experience and that's where I come in. I am quite happy to discuss and explain SEO and how best to approach it as I am a strong believer in if I give good advice I will get a good reputation.

Making sure your site is correctly optimised

So your site looks good, it's been online for a while, you've added yourself to directories, you feel like you've done everything you can but your site is still not being ranked as highly as you want on search engines. You're one of many, and all of my SEO clients in Cambridge have started the same way:

Your site needs to be well structured, contain good content, and be "optimised" correctly. Without this it doesn't matter how much you do your site will not rank as highly as it should in search results.

This is the starting point to a successful SEO campaign and what I've had the most experience with. I'll go through your site and advise on what should be done, then we can discuss how to correct any issues and the best way forward for your website.

SEO Reporting and services

Over the years I've devised my own methods of reporting SEO. There is, after all, no right or wrong way to report SEO results to you as long as:

  1. the report is clear and you fully understand the information in it.
  2. the information tells you where the issues are and what you're NOT ranking well for.
  3. the advice given is clear and well explained in order to improve your rankings.

It would be easy to print off reports from analysis tools to tell you what you're ranking well for, keep you smiling and happy that you're no.1 for x, y, and z, and take your money but that's not going to get you far! (Unless of course you are no.1 for everything you want to be!)

I concentrate on what you're not ranking well for and advise on how to improve your site. The reports you receive will be tailored for your companies needs and include results for keyphrases that we've pre-agreed, after all you may well know better than I what you want to be found for.

Other services are available including checking and improving optimisation of your website, helping with Social media, and advising on different aspects of SEO.

Helping you understand and manage your SEO

If you want to understand SEO and manage your SEO plan yourself that's fine with me and in a lot of cases, especially with my clients in Cambridge, I have given them the knowledge to not only understand what SEO is but how to construct their content, use analytics to report how their site is doing, and how to decide what to do if the site is not ranking for specific keyphrases.

I personally feel that the more you understand (and it's not rocket science, honest) the better equipped you are to help manage your site.

I like to discuss SEO in plain English and will dispel any myths you may have read making you believe that SEO is complicated. It's not, you can manage it yourself and I will fit in with you to assist you or to completely manage your SEO for you.

What do I get from giving you the "tools" to manage your own SEO? - A good name; after all if I give you good advice you're more likely to remember me to others.

SEO advice

This is what I am called on more than anything else and I believe is essential in order to maximise your websites potential for ranking well.

I'm here to advise on any SEO topics including:

  • Linking strategies
  • SEO Best Practice techniques
  • Content writing and developing keyphrases
  • Latest SEO trends, do's and don'ts
  • How to best develop a site's structure for SEO

The list is endless, SEO is a huge subject and I feel giving the best advice to all of my clients is the most important part of the SEO process as it's becoming more and more important to correctly apply SEO to your website (ultimately to get your site found).