With over 20 years of experience working as a freelance web developer I've seen a lot of changes in the internet, from how websites are developed and their primary uses to how marketing techniques have changed and the evolvement of search engines and social media.

I see my experience as one of my biggest assets and like every other freelancer I've had to keep up with the times, always learning. So you're in safe hands, I'll always make sure I'm up to date which makes sure you get the most up-to-date advice with the experience you can't learn from books!

Andy Squries - Freelance Web Developer

Who do I work with?

Well, just about anyone! I'll work directly with you as an individual or a company to build your website. I'll also work with design and development companies acting under your "umbrella" either directly or indirectly with your clients.

I like to be flexible, it allows me to work with anyone and in any situation!

When am I available

I am available for individual projects most of the time, for which we can agree a timescale - just give me a call when you're ready to discuss what you require.

I can also work for design & development companies for set blocks of time remotely or at your premises. Over the years I've developed a very flexible work attitude (as you can probably tell!)

How do I work

I think you'll find me easy to work with, we'll discuss your requirements, set out a plan, timescale and costs and I'll keep you updated throughout the project so you know exactly where we are.

I like to fully understand your needs and by discussing your overall plan I can also make sure you know what to expect in the future (I believe in no hidden surprises!)

Planning Projects

Now this is where the experience really comes in!

I make sure I fully understand your business or individual needs and talk to you about what you require from your website. I'll make sure that we go over everything that's involved in the project so you know exactly what to expect.

I also like to give you advice on how to plan your website project in the most cost effective and productive way to give you the best long term solution. I've detailed more about the web project planning process here.